Frequently Asked Questions

Lira Fashion shopping most frequently asked questions and answers are provided below. If you have any other questions, Please feel free to e-mail us your questions. We will be glad to answer your question as soon as we receive them.

Can I place an order over the phone?

For a much simpler and quicker process it is recommended that you place your order online using our safe and secure website, therefore if you would like to place an order by phone, here are the steps that you would follow: All orders must be paid by credit card, you must be the valid cardholder and your names must be on the card. We will also request your name and billing address that is associated with your card and date of expiration. We process domestic and international orders, and you are also requested to have your order ready with style numbers or item numbers in order to complete and process your order. Keep in mind that we will be inputting your order exactly as you would process it online on our website. In order to prevent credit card fraud measure, if for any reason your transaction is declined when we try to process your order, we recommend for you to re-place the order yourself on our website, please check your bank account before your re-place the order so we can process the order with your card because we are not allow to reprocess your order with the same card number.

Can I get request a catalog by mail?

We are not offering any printed catalog at this point of time, but as our business grows we will offer the catalog later in the future. Therefore, some of our stock will change on availability; you can always find our current and new upcoming products on our web site for the current moment.

Why havenít I receive any response regarding my e-mail?

We will make our most effect in answering all our customer e-mail that are received within 24 hours, however, we will answer all email in the order received. For example, on extended holiday weekends may cause a delay in e-mail response due to the high volume of e-mail that we receive in our daily bases. During very high volume shopping seasons like Valentineís Day, Motherís Day, Christmas, be aware they will be delays in your orders during this period of time because all shipping company do no operate on legal state holiday. Please make sure you are using an accurate and valid e-mail address when contacting us to avoid replies that bounce back for invalid e-mail address. Please, also check on your mailbox setting on the receiver end, if you use any kind of spam filters and junk mail sorters, you may not receive our replies, invoices or tracking e-mail.

Why was my card declined?

All credit card transactions is processed in real time through our very secure web server. If you issuing bank declines the charges therefore check and make sure that your billing address information is correct, your expiration date is correct, there is enough funds and please correctly identifies and enter the CVS security code which is located on your credit card. This information is required to ensure that youíre the current card holder placing the order and indeed are holding the card. If by any chance you are using a debit card, please make sure that you have sufficient funds in hand in your account before making a purchase. If your information in correct, you should contact your issuing bank and find out why your purchase has be declined, because we donít have any way of knowing.

What is a CSV code?

The reason why we ask for a CVS code is for security purposes, major credit card companies put additional numbers on the actual credit card itself. Therefore, the CVS code for the American Express Card is located as a four digit number it written in very small writing about the last few digits of your card number. The CVS code on all other major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, and Discover Cards is located recorded on the back of the card within the signature line panel it consist of four digits number followed by three digits number, the 3 digits on is considered your CVS number.

What are my payment options?

We are currently accepting payment from all major credit cards, Pay-pal, Quick Pay, Money Orders. For all orders paid though Pay-Pal, your order will be shipped as soon as we get notified that the E-check has been cleared. For all orders paid by money order or Casher's Check, your order will be shipped when payment has arrive and has cleared. Some credit card orders may be held while we verify card holderís information. For payments though Western Union Transfers, please e-mail or call us to give us the sender code and the receiving code in order to receive payment and for your order can be shipped. We do not accept any personal checks.

How soon will I receive my order?

Please be advised that during our busy peak seasons, there may be a slight delay in processing your order. We will appreciate it if you place your order early. Under normal circumstances, most of the orders received will be processed within 24 through 48 hours from receiving them. Orders during holiday peak season such as, Valentineís Day, Christmas including legal holidays, will require a few additional days to be processed. All orders received on a business working day after 5:00 pm (EST- Eastern Standard Time), and during the holiday peak season will be processed the following business day. Orders that are received during the weekend will be processed on next business day, because our shippers donít not provide any package pick up during weekend or major holidays. There are a few other factors that can delay your order such as CVS code failures and other discrepancies that may accrued during your purchase which have resulted in the address verification error, and any order that doesnít clear the credit card companyís address verification system will be held for further investigation before processing can continue, therefore, when you place an credit card order, please enter your billing address exactly as it appears on you back statement. Orders that are placed using the Money order option or E-check through PayPal (as opposed to using a credit card through Pay-Pal) will not be pulled for processing until the payment has arrived in our office. Our warehouse is located in New York. Therefore, all of our products will be made as soon as our customers place an order and it will be shipped to our customers when the items are complete and impacted by and inspected by our designer. Our products will be shipped though UPS and USPS. We will send a copy of your invoice by e-mail or by regular mail as soon as your order has been processed and ready for delivery. For regular UPS it will take 5 to 10 business days. Second day shipping will take 2 to 3 business days, next day shipping will be express. And weekend orders will be shipped the next business day. For second and next day shipping the customer will have to pay a little extra for that type of service. Please be advised that the time shipping takes in transit time does not include the time it takes to pull inspect, and pack and process your order.

What is considered a ďbusiness day?Ē

A Business Day is considered Monday through Friday, which is a non-holiday weekdays. Many banks and shippers do not transact business or make any deliveries or pick-ups on non-business days.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

If for any reason youíre not happy with the purpose that you made, see our return page which will indicate what you can do in this type of situation. Please be advised that you may return the products only if it has some manufacture defects only otherwise we donít accept any returns. Also if you tend to buy and wear the product and return it thatís a no no, and remember all returns products are going to be inspected and they will make sure itís a manufacture defect and that the product was not damaged by a customer. Also if a return occurs there will be a 30% re-stocking fee.

I donít see my ring size. Does that mean you donít carry it?

You will not have to worry about we not having your ring size, because our rings are custom made and we will always carry the same gems stones and metals at all times, you can also custom choose the size, color of gems stone, type of metal such as silver, aluminum, gold field, silver field etc, of the ring that you would like to be made. The only items that might run out and go out of stock will be the handbags, belts, and wallets otherwise you wonít have this problem with our other items. Remember any custom made accessories that you would like for us to make for you please contact us and let us know.

How can I save some items to purchase later on?

You can save some items in your shopping cart while you shop around, even though you havenít made your final decision. You will also have the opportunity to change the content of your shopping cart once you go ahead to the checkout. The items that you have chosen will remain in the cart for a few days, which will also depend on the setting in your internet browser. Please keep in mind that placing an item in the shopping cart does not reserve it for you. If, you leave your order in the shopping cart for a few days and place the order, than the items you ordered might no longer be available this will apply to our selection of handbags, belts, wallets, sunglasses.

Iím getting an error about cookies?

If youíre getting an error most shopping carts on the internet in order to work correctly, you must have a feature known as ďcookiesĒ which must be enabled with in your browser. This will allow our server to keep your shopping cart separate from other customers shopping cart who are also on the site. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can enable the cookies features by clicking on Tools on the top menu bar and choose Internet Options and click on the Privacy tab then slide the slider down to ďlowĒ in order to enable cookies usage this is used for most e-commerce sites. If you use another type of browser, you need to check your security or privacy settings to make sure your cookies feature will be enabled before you can use our shopping cart.

What if I want to send a gift to someone?

If you would like to send any items as gifts by turning off your check box on the order where it says ďcheck this box if billing address is the same as shipping addressĒ and proceed in entering the SHIPPING information first. Then you will be prompted to enter the billing information that corresponds to your credit card information. In order to protect ourselves and all of our customers against credit card fraud, we will require a call back number, for we can call you for verification on these types of orders. What if I donít want anyone to see my package? In this situation we ship discreetly in UPS, Postal Services boxes or plain brown packing boxes. Therefore, you will normally never receive a box with our logo on it. The packing label will read the shipper as Lira Fashion shipping and our company address.

What if I need to return something?

Please check any orders you purchased as soon as it arrives as and refer to our return policy which will state that we will not accept any returns after 10 days from the day your received the package. Please advise you may return the products only if it has some manufacture defects only otherwise we donít accept any returns. Also if you tend to buy and wear the product and return it thatís a no no, and remember all return products are going to be inspected and they will make sure itís a manufacture defect and that the product was not damaged by a customer. Also if a return occurs there will be a 30% restocking fee.

Why do I have to pay the return shipping?

The reason why you need to pay return shipping is because we are offering free shipping. Therefore, we are not charging you any costs that will cover the costs of boxed, packing material and the labor involved in pulling, packing, and shipping all orders. We donít do that. Since we donít make up for shipping in the price of our items, therefore we canít cover the cost of your shipping the merchandise back to us.

An item on mu order was Out of Stock, when will I get credited?

In this situation we will try to credit orders back as soon as possible within the moment that we know that the items is not in stock. The average time to receive your credit back is within on to two days, however sometimes it may take up to 7 days to receive your credit back in your card and have it show up on your next banking statement.

When will I see a credit in my card for any returned items?

We will make every effort to have credit issued back to you credit card as soon as we can. This process may take 2 to 14 business days from the time we receive a returned item in order to issue your credit. Please be advised that due to the processing method that vary from bank to bank, therefore we donít have any way to knowing when you will actually get the credit that we have issued to you. Some banks process these types of credits right away; other banks will take up three business days after we have posted the credit in your account.

I would like to ship to a Military APO?

For any orders delivered to Military APO address, please select the items which you choose to send and ďCheck out U.S.Ē as the card that you wish to use. On the shipping information screen, please enter the correct APO address in the shipping address section for proper delivery, also choose the proper destination from the ďstateĒ list (AA, AE or AP), and choose United States Postal Services Mail as your carrier. UPS cannot deliver to military address so donít choose any UPS delivery options. For all credit cards purchase, be sure to enter the correct billing address on the following screen exactly as it appears on your credit card state. If you billing address is different from the shipping address, be sure to uncheck the box in the first order entry screen, therefore the screen will give you a second box for you can enter a separate billing address.

How can I use my in-store credit?

If you have an in-store credit or a discount memo from a returned or exchange item, you can use it by simply placing an regular order on our web site and refer to your in-store credit or discount by including your order number or reference number in the shipping comments box so that we can look up your credit, because the order being forward to the warehouse, you must place a credit card order in the amount of the in-store credit which will be refunded into your new purchase once your order as been completed.

Why I havenít received an order conformation e-mail or UPS tracking number e-mail?

If you are an AOL, Yahoo, MSN etc. user, some of this servers use some other type of filtering, please check the security features on your email filter. In some instance, you notable on AOL, the maximum security email filter will not be accepting an email form any top-level domains that you have not entered into a ďSafeĒ list. If you donít manually enter or into the sort filer, you will not receive any email from those domains.

How much does it cost to ship to an international country?

The easiest and the cheapest way to ship any orders internationally is to place the items that you would like to purchase into the shopping card and choose to check out International. Then choose the country that you would like the products to be shipping costs in the shipping option drop down for whatever services are available to you. All international orders will be shipped thought United State Postal Services.

Shipping international orders can be a challenge because the items that Lira Fashion as from other sites is our willingness to ship international orders. There are some things that our customers need to be aware of before placing an impact order. We cannot control or predict these costs because each country has it own import taxes on your order. We cannot control or predict these costs because each country has it own import rules and taxes fees. In order to find out the charges you will be subjected to, you will need to contact the customs authorities in your area. We will not know the value of a package to lower value; claims for the lost or missing packages will be based on the deader customs value. We cannot send you a $50 item marked with a value of $10 for the sake of lower import duties.

You should also be aware that all international shipments returned to us for non-payment of duties will be refunded as refused delivery, and assessed a 30% restocking fee. Please make your import duty inquires before you place your order, therefore donít wait until the customers office has billed you for the products import.

Additionally, you should be aware of the difference type of shipping methods available to you. We will recommended United States Postal Services for most international orders because itís a trackable delivery method. Air Mail is not trackable. United Postal Services regulations require that a package be ďmissingĒ for 30 days after it latest possible delivery date before a claim can be filed for, therefore if an Air Mail package goes missing, it will be an average of 8 weeks before we can even file a claim on it. Resolution of this claim can take up 120 days from the time the order was supposed to been delivered. In some cases we will upgrade the shipping to a FedEx method at our expense. Please keep in mind that some delivery services to the destination country charges an additional fee for all deliveries. For example, in the UK, Parcel Force charges 8 euros as a base delivery fee. In Canada, there is a brokerage fee charged for FedEx Economy Shipping. These fees are in addition to duties and taxes.

To all buyers if you have any additional questions based on how they can check an order status, please feel free to contact us on any questions requiring your order and shipping options that we have available to offer you.